Sharing Your Stories with the World




We help you to communicate better

We offer affordable, professional quality services that can be purchased as a package or à la carte. Our goal is to help companies, groups and families to communicate more effectively through visual and social media in order to further their respective causes - whether it’s a company marketing campaign or a public or private event. 

Through our commitment to quality, our attention to detail and our adaptability, we will help to ensure our clients are consistently viewed in a positive light by customers, friends, family members and the general public.


Videos will range in duration, depending on customer’s needs. For video production, these services will include: initial consultation, storyboard creation, filming and editing/post production. We will liaise with the client every step of the way with an approval process that begins with the initial concept/storyboard and ends with completion of final edits. The final version of a video production will be shared with the customer via email, USB on social media or a combination of these options. 

Photography and Social Media Management:
Photography can be purchased separately, with a video or with social media management services. If a customer would like to improve their social media profile, we can help them network and manage their online presence. A similar pre, during and post production process will be utilized for photography and social media management.

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